Required Pre-Requisites

  • RainbowMiner runs on Windows 7/8 and 10 and on most Linux Distributions (preferably Ubuntu)
  • It needs Microsoft Powershell to run (preferably Core version 6.2.4 or upwards)
  • the GPU drivers on the machine should be up to date. Since the newest driver is not always the best, you will find a list of recommended drivers listed in the documentation. So read it.
  • RainbowMiner includes install scripts (Windows: Install.bat / Linux:, that download and install all needed libraries, so make sure to run them, before starting the main script (windows: Start.bat / Linux: or
  • RainbowMiner is an open-source project, that is hosted on GitHub. So if you have any issues, please open an issue on our RainbowMiner GitHub



  1. Read the documentation, especially the “PRE-REQUISITES” section.
  2. Download and extract the latest release to your mining rig:
    current release over 25000 downloads
  3. Add the directory of RainbowMiner to the exceptions of your antivirus program. Some miner cause false virus alerts.
  4. Make sure to run “Install.bat” on Windows / “” on Linux, before moving on
  5. Windows:
    Right-click “Start.bat”, choose “Run as administrator” (if windows prompts with “Windows protected your PC”, click on “More info”, then “Run anyway”)
    start “./” (this will need your shell window remain opened) or “./” (Rainbowminer will be started in a background screen. To re-connect to that screen enter “screen -R RainbowMiner”, leave the screen by hitting “Ctrl+a”, then “d” on your keyboard)
  6. Enter your bitcoin wallet and worker name
  7. Let the downloads and benchmarking finish.
  8. Be patient! This might take a while. It will already mine to your wallets!


Fine tuning, overclocking and more