Required Pre-Requisites

  1. Install PowerShell 6: [ Download Installer for version 6.1.0 ]
  2. Install Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 or later: [ Web Installer ]
  3. Update GPU drivers: [ Nvidia 411.63 ] and [ AMD Adrenaline 18.8.2 ]
  4. Some features rely on MSI Afterburner, you should install and run it: [ Download Afterburner Setup ]
  5. Finally: check, if Powershell 6 is in your PATH: sometimes “C:\Program Files\PowerShell\6” has to be added manually to the system environement variable PATH after installing Powershell 6.1.0. [ Here is a nice tutorial, how to add to PATH ]


  1. Download and extract the latest release to your windows pc: current release
  2. Add the directory of RainbowMiner to the exceptions of your antivirus program. Some miner cause false virus alerts.
  3. Right-click “Start.bat”, choose “Run as administrator” (if windows prompts with “Windows protected your PC”, click on “More info”, then “Run anyway”)
  4. Enter your bitcoin wallet and worker name
  5. Let the downloads and benchmarking finish.
  6. Be patient! This might take a while. It will already mine to your wallets!


Fine tuning, overclocking and more